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Making reusable get methods in React Testing Library


While writing unit and integration tests, I'm trying to find the best way on how to write them cleanly. I'm using React Testing Library so that makes already a good job of using good patterns. However, recently I stumbled upon the fact that I'm reusing again and again the same methods to get the elements from the DOM.

The majority of cases are using screen.getByRole for the buttons and screen.getByLabelText for the inputs, using the name prop. The only difference would be the first returning the element, and the latter returning the value of the input. Normally, I would use the first one this way:

screen.getByRole('button', {name: /name of the button/i })

As I like to use the names without having to think about capitalization of some letter, I use the parameter 'i' with Regex in order to ignore this case. Also, being with Regex, I don't have to worry whether it's a full sentence or just a part of it.

So, I thought I could extract these methods in a more reusable way, in order to use them freely around the test suites.

Here's how I did it:

const getButtonByName = (btnName) => {
  const regName = new RegExp(btnName, 'i')

  return screen.getByRole('button', { name: regName })

const getInputByLabel = (label) => {
  const regName = new RegExp(label, 'i')

  const { value } = screen.getByLabelText(regName)

  return value

Then I can easily use them:

  const button = getButtonByName('my button')
  const inputValue = getInputByLabel('my input label')

I made another method in a similar way for radio buttons. More could be done but these are the three methods I use the most. So for the rest, it could be a little of over-abstraction.

Another improvement that can be done, in my opinion, would be change the strings of the names ('my button', etc.) with fixed objects (JS) or enums (TS). For example:


const ButtonNames = Object.freeze({
	ButtonOne: "button one",
	ButtonTwo: "button two",


enum ButtonNames {
  ButtonOne = "button one"
  ButtonTwo = "button two"

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